RAW Butter-on-Yellow adult anklet
This item appears to have a slight mat shine, but it is still RAW.

RAW Butter-on-Yellow Adult Anklet

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RAW Butter (on yellow string)
~9.8 inches
Baroque-shaped amber


See the 2nd picture, as this item appears to have a slight mat shine, although it is still RAW and not polished.


This is an adult ANKLET.

The anklets use the same amber from the BABY necklaces, as these are exactly like the baby/youth amber necklaces--only shorter in length--and will fit most adult ankles.  If you need a slightly longer anklet, the "tiny infant" necklaces are 11 inches and will be a perfect match as a longer anklet.

Please measure for size and observe the product image carefully.  Because amber is a natural product only produced by nature, no two pieces of amber are exactly alike.  Thus, each individual piece of amber on every strand of amber jewelry is unique in its own way since no two pieces of amber jewelry are identicial.


Caring for your Baltic Amber

  • When your amber arrives, it is recommended to expose the amber to direct sunlight (whether on a towel or worn on the skin) for two short mintues to help activate the succinic acid. This is not a crucial step, although it helps to get the immediate benefits of your amber. The sun will warm the amber right up, activating the succinic acid, which transfers it through the skin immediately.  If this step is skipped, your amber will simply warm up to your body temperature and work at it's natural state as it is worn against the skin.
  • Avoid attacks by chemicals.  Strong solutions, soaps, detergents, commercial jewelry clearning solutions, perfumes, calogne, hairspray, gels, etc. will add a residue layer to the amber, which may create a whitish coating on the amber that could be permanent. These chemicals can also eat away at the delicate amber and/or the string holding the amber, causing the string to be more suspectible to breakage. 
  • Remove your amber if you will be in water (i.e. swimming, shower, bath, etc.).  If you forget, simply rinse the amber with plain, lukewarm (never hot!) water to remove any soap or chemical residue.  Soap will not only eat away at the string, but will also add a build-up to the amber, preventing the succinic acid to effectively transfer through the skin, while lessening the durability of the amber.  Chemicals, such as chlorine, will also soften the amber, causing it to be more vulnerable to breakage.  Water, soap and chemicals may also weaken the quality and durability of the string the amber is strung on, making the string more susceptible to breakage. Everyone will forget to remove his/her amber every once in a while--IT'S OKAY--just try not to make a daily habit out of it (and don't forget to put the amber back on).
  • Always store amber in a soft cloth--never with other jewelry, where it can rub against other metals that may chip the amber.  Your amber is strung on a cotton/polyester string, and each piece of amber is individually knotted to prevent rubbing and chipping.


All Amber by Amanda products are genunine, authentic, and natural Baltic amber from Lithuania.  We will never sell artificial, plastic or synthetic amber.  I personally test all of my amber when I receive them to make sure they are, indeed, 100% natural.