About Amber by Amanda

As a mother of two, I have a passion of raising my children with the safest, most organic products possible.  Our raw lifestyle requires extensive research on natural healing, and I do my best to avoid unnecessary medications when nature-made remedies are available.  I believe in and trust nature to the fullest.  We are a vegan family, and our kids are raised vegan from conception. 

I started Amber by Amanda after discovering the healing benefits of amber with my first son while he was teething.  A simple necklace did so many wonders for him, from teething to the overall wellness of his immune system, so I had to get one for myself.  My own amber necklace helped improve my thyroid, which allowed my physician to gradually wean me off my (homeopathic) thyroid medicine.  After routine blood work checks, she informed me my amber was too strong for medicine and I had to choose, suggesting to either continue wearing the necklace or go back to medicine, but not both.  Of course, I chose the amber.

It was the process of searching for amber necklaces for my son and I that made me realize how scarce this remarkable product is in our country.  I wanted to help bring the amber healing benefits closer to us at the most convenient price.  Something so natural and readily available should be easily accessible to everyone.  After all, amber is very common in European countries, so common, in fact, they can purchase amber healing jewelry at any pharmaceutical store.  Forget the 2-6 week waiting time for your amber to arrive from the Baltic Sea.  When we think of amber, we want it NOW. 

My goal is to share the healing benefits of amber at the most affordable price and get it to your door in a small fraction of the time. I plan on doing more extensive research to supply other natural products for my family and others in the near future.  Thank you for experiencing the strength of amber with me!

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Amber by Amanda does not dispense medical advice.  Amber is homeopathy.  Always consult with your physician for specific patient care.  All products from Amber by Amanda are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physican, homeopath, or other health care professional, nor is any information contained on any product label or packaging.